Kevin Kelly was the master networker.  He wove his passions for family, friends, peers, community, charitable causes, business start-ups, special events, institutions, and legislation into a tapestry of literally thousands of people. 

The KAK Network honors Kevin by celebrating the relationships he helped create and provide a platform for new ones to begin, with the underlying goal of raising funds for community causes.  In the first fifteen years our efforts raised over $330,000 for local, regional and national Non-Profits. 

The KAK Network Golf Outing is operated strictly by volunteers. There are no salary/consulting expense allocations. Net revenue after vendor expenses is divided between direct donations to supported charities and The Kevin Alan Kelly Action Fund, which is administered by Jamie, Daniel and Michael Kelly under the auspices of the Capital Regional Community Foundation.

Charities Supported by the KAK Network include:Capital Region Community Foundation

Supported Charities

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